OWNERS:  The Brothers Collection

BIO:  Not your average Camaro, this is a once in a lifetime car with a tremendous history. Pulled off the assembly line in 1967 and given to head GM designer Bill Mitchell (a.k.a. Mr. Corvette) and the styling division, this car was to be used as a GM show car to help promote the 1967 Camaro. Mr. Mitchell and team incorporated many of the Corvette influences and new ideas into the Cherokee, using it as a teaser for the new designs of the yet to be released 1968 Corvette. The corvette influenced alterations included split front and rear bumpers, a seamless ducktail-style rear spoiler, a hood tach, driving lamps, and a special domed hood fitted with a clear Lexan top to display the big-block engine. The Cherokee was also used as a pace car for the Can-Am races. Having never been restored prior, and originally a white car painted in Aztec Gold Metallic with a Red Candy over the top (all in lacquer paint), stripping it became a bit of a history lesson for Charley Hutton’s Color Studio. The Cherokee revealed some fun findings like white paint on the A-pillars, and old war wounds from it pace car days. All of these which were kept intact to retain the originality of the car. All factory and original numbers, much of the Cherokee was simply refinished and cleaned up. Original to the Cherokee included the interior, dash, and convertible top of a deluxe ’67 Camaro. No detail was missed by Charley Hutton’s Color Studio in this full restoration, down to the hand painted pinstriping done by Doug Batchelor.


Charley Hutton's Color Studio