Owners: Ron & Deb Cizek

NOTABLE AWARDS:  2013 Ridler Award

BIO:  Mike Dizona was a simple Midwest dirt track racer who lived for his weekends, campaigning his ’32 Ford Roadster with an 8BA Flathead. To get his Roadster to the track, Mike would tow it with his trusty ’40 Ford Coupe, his daily driver. He always enjoyed driving the ’40 and had visions of turning it into a racer as well adding hop-up parts as time and money allowed, twin carbs, aluminum heads, etc. When marriage and children came along, Mike knew the ’40 would need to be replaced with a more family friendly car – a station wagon. In 1957, Mike sold the car to Gordon Cizek who saw potential in the ’40 as a father and son project with his then 9 year old boy Ron. Gordon and Ron began the rebuild on several occasions through the ‘60s to the ‘90s but it wasn’t until Ron Cizek met Andy Leach at CAL Automotive Creations that the ’40 would reach the potential Ron had always dreamed of.
(Source: www.calautocreations.com)
The metal fabrication on the car by CAL Automotive Creations left no part of the Ford untouched. Some of the modifications included a shortened and re-profiled hood, a billet grille assembly made up of more than 180 individually welded rods meant to mimic the ’40 Deluxe grille, re-work of rocker panels and openings to eliminate gaps and fit flush-mounted glass, and one-off wheels. True to its name, the car was finished in a PPG Envirobase “Checkered Red” custom paint formula from the Charley Hutton Ridler Collection.