“Learning from and working alongside other craftsmen has proven invaluable, but most important to Charley are the lasting friendships and second families he has formed.”


 Charley Hutton

About Charley Hutton

Recognized as one of the most talented automotive painters and fabricators in the world today, Charley Hutton has established a portfolio of work and awards that many take a lifetime to achieve. Born and raised in Caldwell Idaho, Charley started his custom car career as a young boy repainting and flaming his Hot Wheels with his sister’s fingernail polish. At the age of 14, Charley started working in a family friend’s body shop and before he was out of High School had opened up his own shop.

When Charley was just 24, the late Boyd Coddington saw a 1933 3-window coupe that he had done and contacted Charley about doing some work for him. Boyd sent two cars to Idaho to test out Charley’s skills, and he was soon brought to California to work on the infamous 1938 Lincoln “Led Zephyr”. Charley worked for Boyd for the next six years, working on many cars including the 1930 Delahaye “Whatthehaye”, 1965 Mustang “Crazy Horse”, 1956 Chevy “Junk Yard Dog”, and Gil Losi’s “Boydster II”. During this time he also appeared as Boyd’s Body Shop Supervisor on the Discovery Channel’s American Hot Rod. Charley left Boyd’s in 2004 when given an opportunity to join legendary hot rod designer and builder Chip Foose and his team at Foose Design.

Foose Design gave Charley the experience of his first Ridler car, the 1936 Ford “Impression”. Charley later had the opportunity to work with one of the premier shops in the industry, Rad Rides by Troy, where he joined Troy and his gang to work on the 1936 Ford “First Love”, the 2007 Ridler winner, as well as Roger & Nancy Ritzow’s 1956 Chrysler 300B “Passion”. Charley has also been blessed to work with many other premier shops in the industry including; The Roadster Shop, Greening Auto Company, Miranda Built, Customs & Hot Rods of Andice, and CAL Automotive Creations. Some of their recent project collaborations include the 2013 Ridler winner the 1940 Ford “Checkered Past”, and the 1967 Miranda Nova recipient of the 2014 Detroit AutoRama Ridler Great 8 and 2014 Good Guys Street Machine of the Year. Learning from and working alongside other craftsmen has proven invaluable, but most important to Charley are the lasting friendships and second families he has formed.

Charley has been very fortunate to be a part of many award-winning teams recognized with numerous prestigious industry awards. Although he is very appreciative of those awards, the driving force behind Charley is being able to help make peoples’ car dreams become a reality.

Charley and his wife Teri built and opened Charley Hutton’s Color Studio in 2009 in Nampa, Idaho. Though many typically think of “painter” when they hear Charley Hutton’s name, custom car and full restoration projects are the norm for Charley and his crew. Expect to see more next generation super rods emerging from Charley Hutton’s Color Studio as Charley’s artistic talents continue to make their mark on the industry.

Sometimes referred to as the “Where’s Waldo” of the custom car world, you never know exactly where Charley might show up. . . episodes of Overhaulin’, or Chasing Classic Cars, but when not in the shop you will find Charley traveling the US and Australia for appearances at shows. On the rare occasion that he has some downtime, Charley’s trademark shorts and flip flops are a dead giveaway that he’ll be some place tropical and warm enjoying spending time with his family.

Charley Hutton's Color Studio